Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Number 1 September 1990 ARTICLES

The Pursuit of Unhappiness in American Congregational Life Donald Capps Legal Drug Abuse: Pastoral Implications Michael Cavanagh Storytelling in Pastoral Counseling: A Narrative Pastoral Theology Blair Robertson Illustrating Two Complementary Enterprises at the Interface of Psychology and Religion Through Reading Winnicott Chris R. Schlauch

BOOK REVIEWS: FaithCare: Ministering to All God’s People Through the Ages of Life Reviewed by Carolyn Stahl Bohler Theology and Therapy: The Wisdom of God in a Context of Friendship Reviewed by Glenn H. Asquith, Jr.

Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Number 2 November 1990


When Confessional Walls Have Ears: The Changing Clergy Privileged Communications Law Ronald K. Bullis

The Sexual Abuse of Male Children by Church Personnel: Intervention and Prevention Paul J. Isely and Peter Isely

Fees, Confidentiality, and Pastoral Counseling Roy Herndon Steinhoff Smith

Family Systems in Premarital Counseling Norma Schweitzer Wood and Herbert W. Stroup, Jr. BOOK REVIEW

Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling Reviewed by Clyde J. Steckel and Bonnie Miller-McLemore


The Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling: An Interview with Rodney J. Hunter Brian H. Childs

Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Number 3 January 1991


Forms of Logic in Faith Development Theory Romney M. Mosley

A Developmental Model of Pastoral Care and Counseling Steven C. Scott

Why People Convert: A Balance Theoretical Approach to Religious Conversion John E. Pitt

Seeking to be Converted: An Examination of Recent Conversion Studies and Theories Scott Thumma

Book Reviews

Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Numbe.’ 4 March 1991


Guest Editor’s Introduction Mark R. Laaser

Sexual Addiction and Clergy Mark R. Laaser

Sexually Abusive Clergyman: A Conceptual Framework for Intervention and Recovery Gerald T. Blanchard

Congregational Intervention When the Pastor has Committed Sexual Misconduct Nancy M. Hopkins

Recovering Sexually Addicted Clergy: Introduction Mark R. Laaser

A Lutheran Pastor Anonymous

Sexual Addiction Anonymous

One Priest’s Reflections on Recovery Anonymous

Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Number 5 May 1991


How Ministers Deal with Sexual Temptation Jack Balswick and John Thoburn

Denominational Variations on the Role of the Clergy Family Paul A. Mickey, Robert L. Wilson, and Ginny W. Ashmore

The Role of Religion in Coping with Childhood Cancer Bernard Spilka, William J. Zwartjes, and Georgia M. Zwartjes

Interview with Reverend Marie Fortune, August 8, 1990 Conducted by Dr. Lewis Rambo

Interview with Dr. Peter Rutter, Author of Sex in the Forbidden Zone, July 27, 1990 Conducted by Dr. Lewis Rambo

Review Essay Nancy J. Ramsay

Book Reviews

Pastoral Psychology

Volume 39, Number 6 July 1991


Guest Editorial: On Reviewing the Books That are Made 359 Brian H. Childs

Of Making Many Books 363 Paul Franklyn

Book Reviews 373 Faith and Ministry in Light of the Double Brain (Ashbrook), p. 373; Counseling and the Human Predicament (Aden and Brenner), p. 375; Turning Points in Pastoral Care: The Legacy of Anton Boisen and Seward Hiltner (Aden and Ellens), p. 378; The Myth of Atlas: Families and the Therapeutic Story (Andolfi, Angelo, and de Nichilo), p. 379; Loving and Working: Reweaving Women’s Public and Private Lives (Barciauskas and Hull), p. 382; Commitment, Conflict, and Caring (Brickman), Commitment: Key to Christian Maturity (Muto and Van Kaam), and Caring and Commitment: Learning to Live the Love We Promise (Smedes), p. 383; Pastoral Paradigms (Burton), p. 388; Reframing: A New Method in Pastoral Care (Capps), p. 391; Short Term Pastoral Counseling: A Guide (Childs), p. 393; Dirt, Greed, and Sex: Sexual Ethics in the New Testament and Their Implications for Today (Countryman), p. 396; The Pastor: Readings from the Patristic Period (Culbertson and Shipee), p. 397; The Problem of Loss and Mourning: Psychoanalytic Perspectives (Dietrich and Shabad), p. 399; Religion and the Life Cycle (Fuller), p. 402; Touching Our Strength: The Erotic as Power and the Love of God (Heyward), p. 404; Speaking of Christ: A Lesbian Feminist Voice (Heyward), p. 406; Creativity and Work (Jaqques), p. 407; Children in Recovery: Healing the Parent-Child Relationship in Alcohol/Addictive Families (Jesse), p. 409; Growing Old: The Ultimate Freedom (Jones), p. 411; The Psychology of Shame: Theory and Treatment of Shame-Based Syndromes (Kaufman), p. 414; Spirituality and Pastoral Care (Leech), p. 415; More Than Kindness: A Compassionate Approach to Crisis Child-Bearing (Olasky), p. 417; The Active Life (Palmer), p. 418; From Ministry to Theology: Pastoral Action and Reflection (Patton), p. 421; Sigmund Freud and His Critique of Religion (Scharfenberg), p. 423; The Demonic and the Divine (Williams), p. 425; The Acquittal of God: A Theology for Vietnam Veterans (Siemon-Netto, p. 427; Family Intervention: Hope for Families Struggling with Alcohol and Drugs (Vaughn), p. 429; In the Shadow of Karl Barth: Charlotte Von Kirschbaum (Kobler), p. 430.