Qorth-China Herald.

Vor.. XL, N°, 516. = SHANGHAI, SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 1860._ Price, Tauss 15 ¥ ANNUM. OFFICIAL, XOTIFIGATION.—Ie is herehy notified that from and after tho 13th instant and ntl farther onlers the Nordl~China Herald is tobe considered ‘the Oficial Organ of all Notifications proceeding from Her Majesty's Legation and | ane eae oftrele n China. HORACE RUMBOLD, H. M's Legation, Shanghai, 13th Tune, 1839. Secretary of Legation, OFFICIAL, NOTIFICATION. is herby oie that from and after this date, and until further orders, the North-China Herali is to be considered the

Oficial Organ ofall Notifications proceeding from Her Britannie Majesty's Legation and Consulate General in Japan. TE B. M's Legation, Yeddo, Febrnary 2008, 1860. So" By Onder, ABEL A. J. GOWER, SHIPPING. __|____wsurances. __ INSURANCES. |= FOR SALE. |__—«MISCELLANEOUS. To NENGHANTS & SHIP SASTENS, | ALLIANCE Flue ASSURANCE VRIGHI {NB dae alsete teers fr the CONPARY OF LOSDOS. THERANBIT ENMU HCH OFFICES ahora Dee obbs 1 ii shteeneEiatet 8) 'ovand penn, act Weve | "Fao Tal Cae Nanion Days | ——— WALL & HOLTZ,

er" Iawenacet ‘yay Cette lontne sed Datei Fey R Hie) eeniseuuen tORseTRE | Dugan Mectin Tuias Torn’ | SUP CANDLES, srOREKEEPERS FES veween Sang Cosco ong | and” Breen Lome Dill rd Duck, orn "AND DAKERS, oe dewp ir plot Pre | ite BREAD AND BISCUITS, ta asia

int Printed ‘shanona “"Tacnrcta the feet Pai aerate rei Pliage THR SUANGHAR HosriTAL ere ores Be AND DISVENBARY. iceomiog the Medam of Payne np event For Raves or Pewtow and stherlafornato,

co for Sie mouths wil be charged

‘nd fr Tevewcnin one-half fe 6: SINUALD, MD, Surgeon, Biss NEWMAN, apstiveary.

1297 The Disrexsany ie well sorked wi

Medicine wie my be Mado appletion

the Apotbecary. Lech-Five Herings herr aly 10h, 1857,


era Leda, 8 tet so —SENSON & TOPPING. evade rom sh HGRNIX FIRE INSURANGI POR SALK Commision Merchants. “aie mtr PuCRNLE Sone UaSAANS Lesunws creasing Camporse annoattay ntIss 8 coer al sata an ih China edo at rei DY & Cx, om el “Gnd Stang, | ne ihe me 10 yoy Si | Sopra 30, Turrinar ay gpl os ts ee en | en rn | I ann tives at tore soprite beleiags nthe sane HOUSES & LAND. AS KEPPELL, feane Secor. ile wvlstonnens 8 STH, KENNEDY & ce, sor erercas EUG, BUISSONNET, Bith Pe

a0j0 ‘Shanghal, st June, 1860 REPAIRS PROMPTLY EXKCUTED, Constantly on Hand, MASTS, "HOATS & BLOCKS




‘rheats ood Comino | 16h Sha 18 se aid tab ee aca | Siynpa ah Ap 1 Inonwonk rrten to Onsen, baal CHAPMAN, KING & Ca | LIVERPOOL & LONDON FIME & LIFE] Cacnues Tonnes, Faq, Cheineans POW $ALE, APPETITE AND DIGESTION = IMPROVED

INSURANCE COMPANY. Ur camry i tae ot Pleo

W. 6 ABPINALL. Dow & ce. od Pape unin, | at ‘Shona te Ap 1, Town WaxBUnY § Gor =e stn fr Sgt Sythe pcp dues yah SeoHaNeX | sine Tc dnry 18 he = ores ht : FOR SALE. MISCELLANEOUS. Noten ‘endif; Fenchurh Suet Lenten

away and ether Olle

LAIN, TATR 8 Co, ‘ety Chon ah

Shana, tnd Januar. 18 a ae hing. rt chan, Landon a ROR unripe! as somes matiog te | KUPFERSCHMID & CO. DRY DOCK,

share bereage forthe sess and tugs te | Chrovometer, Watch and Clock Makers J wh 1860._{scaetat ve quit le wasurpned oy may nade | Jewellers and General Storekeeper onTuiny Fine aSsUMaNcE couPaNy | iNCna. ‘enon sn, serge ed eres

‘THR PATENT SLIP DOCK H COMPANY UG te announee tha hey ate prepared 1 desertion af re

ines beetfra care om in my mae “iow this de bn rondweed wr toe ,

ies a a int ‘cae sine ; comer tesnattty une, | eile WUE wana ae ape scp va» Eennt tet vee Tul 199 sangliads NISMS saRaCht and sue ot aher

Non freee fi meted ino oe seta oy since ater tetany aig | Sd et or ae ea

othe tran hea sf WILLIAM CLOUGHTON,

Seno Gm soja shana, 200 ih, 1860, H. FOGG & Co., ee

a Ship Chandlers, General Store-Kecpers, Singapore, Tae rene aaa “et set ‘Site Bad, ere = ‘OF baTavine dah ARFLEI'S WOTTON


va HR wadersgned. having been appointed simaNonate

wich, Sc vow Si soe cn | SPRUCK fm DIES ut eprenly CLARK & Co. “ir ppt agrt “Sonn MAJOR. ; . San. Catarse, Nagasaki, 25th May, 1800, FAMILIAR PHRASES: Shipohandiers St te Comeolaion


TRELIANGE MARIN INSURANCE ps ne Waterprot Cntel Fire Person

FICE. G. scuNtin ret i today where th Taree IP mange ne rma A 8 OM ARER edited Wes Daas bh day xan Geeret Coin orn bre ard aman he Fs * Yana Kewe-rase Coune, ‘nthe wipes of i Agency, at this Pott, Prod 9 Geant Poti oe rte ‘Next door to Messrs. Clk & Ca, iow bein Fee eer ete cavead

Hip end Mesias Cet Sapper,

Monghong and Shanghai. = ‘GIN, LIVINGSTON & Ca, MEKENZI Ip ween anesthe heme Maas. nose | Cmte arcane _ UGRENZTE vette teete et Cami Saas bs 7 ‘Soph a on ap chet courant Novice.

NOPIES ofthe Untren States Taxar¥ with ‘Corns, pababed by Aubert, tay be had ‘Otc!


ki un ey tte _ a inthe



ren grant Palin ogsnat Fie | thin

Mae dager Sian o Dating ron Gok Sti oo Novi in| SARK & GO ‘Alu, chemically propared Clo ate eT ASL PATOW, at [VINGSTON & Co. FOR sal fang-hing-pang Street, three Fray ed eptenlrndee-s 1a an |g SummzivaxcsTon so. | ay we ope ye Se he te, ita Me Feon $C ee Toa Ata ad MC CE tet

dearest cect eae pn] aman Sie Erase tg Ses tee i Cn

Pre $0.00. er reespoede prepared to ron pole op Shonghai, 11th Jane 1830. "| Hisutaerere’ SP a Se.chet

att of en $35,000-—-0u owe Paks FOR SALE. H VADLES showing the Hgchange given alice Rentionca, for Shsephe

ROTICE. ni, Lay's § UAL. TIMES,


WILSONE, a suthoriaed to sign out

AAILTON GRAY & Ce ‘Singers, at Someary, 1850.




TNSURANOES HONGKONG MARINE 1 ret One Tal or caval or Ewes Parris,

. Me antenge TE ew pont] JOURNAL OF THE SARGHTAT Sitawis ant onic, Fouad ofS RangcBQe | anenany axD sciewrinc soctery,| axp mAlshoibiiten Wonw Or run PYAR, ondersigned are apy Agents for the | INSURANCE COMPANY, payablein Shanghee, 4 * od quite Invaluable in the Colonies. Pg id ee MORESO rcp] wae Stam wea |MERE ite fain ie —_ BING Re tor, stern asaya Sige SMe a anKone & Ce, LINDSAY & Co Kerpessn & Ca ew the Preach Comte Sih cempegrretandny Deal olny. 1 shanghat, Deem 08 | shang, 1065. « Soph th Ange, 18 Hees tard 5 Soe

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The Porth- China Gerald.

(N*. 516.—Toxn 16, 1860,



Ir has been considered avieuble to open Her Bri


"G. W. Carve, Esq. appointed Her Majesty's Cons

to proceed to Asana ¥.

rt : ‘The Local Regulations for Swatow will

re in force at the

Majesty's Consulate at asa been directed

at Sumntoy

IN proveed to Swatow as Interpreter.

Ports hitherto open to

‘be pllblished hereafter. E. St JOHN NEALE, Secretary of Legion

HB, Mo's Legation, Shanghsi, 16th June, 1800.


POR SALE ex “JUBTLE GUEOW hm deem "Ta 8 per dea.


« "Shangha, 1h Jew


Dorth-Ghina Perald.

‘bivala neg, en su ign face, ea be ta e

halo hae fu every Sanday woe

ats dain iw Bog fo Chon rom Woogkongss. eb. 13) Mall ranived wit sv" Shanghn’css Fob O} Mar, Mar20-

is ay, tho Wile of

DEATiIS, 224 May, he panac om 8 ‘apts Guonan Cote, it


‘teamer Papa COMPARIVON OF OMTNVATIONS, ‘ites by

fu the open a 9 sae svaton seit aay iy

Daeanrih.a- Por Finan, fr Honghows, ‘age fe Arnal, Heat, Malton, te Cop ch

ara rt Bi lind, Wp, i Coa 3

‘Gomaesing, Memtonant Aino? ‘ale od Talting, Pan P.& 0. Ci at Hongkong. DurAnrnn.—Pee Genes, 294 Say, in seaore, Meso alurechy td. Von Pak Bombay, Asst, Sur. deity al Amear Ran for Alenuniny Mortar Ne Caplan, tod Do for Afantitag, Cate, Moree, is Walle, soathampion, ioe Rides, We W. owe de Sou Bien Bap toe

Me Sinipe, J. Be Watons A. Tome aod. Bor Folle, Capi, Cus, ie. Gamelan Bt, B Teagan, Wi and? Linpton, Major Mehr, Biased BX. Cleat Mrs Deka a eld, Cap Betis. Mf. Thowpeog, Wms Draser, Lisa. ‘ekoun, sad Si, Sia. Woop, and Ald,

5 | Ciel Cash

“te ‘Mrs. lion, enon Geka Le"teamtragen, Waren Cros, and Count 60 Baa

‘Far Siangha, Mr Hare, aod Strachan. on

Por Hoagh


Passnn Axzwn—Fer shoszhaly—May 70, May Quren, trom Carty Lido oe Meeasla;'Sperner, town Amsler), Moray ‘tire, frm Lemon fa oom Seana 100,

SHIPPING INTELLIGENCE. f the Bacchante, Millorook from England, reported in '@ Shanghai Market Report: of Lith Inetant wa an or that aroye from mise information.

‘Twa next outward mail je advertised to Friday the 20th inst. "The Post

fice parkets will consequently be closed fon the 28th.

Yang seamen, ft leave

tnd il be

Teasing Hongo

Homkong and Chusan— Vice-Admiral Hos Major General

aay, the. Drkingon

tea came up. ithe Pfeil rn

Wonsiong wo Chisan bere he shied ig the Coromandel

“A sain Minister bs slo jos

sive here fram Peking.

‘Tue Mart —The Hellerpont arzived from cng on Wednesda 18th,

h My by telegram oi Caleatn, itom Sigapare i, aud tom Hongkong Uh innts We frst received the Daily

fale to, taken from the Straits Batra of ih May, that the!

ng on board Lord Blyin and ‘Gros. Then that the North

‘From thie we gather

‘Mil of Ria hs ee detect nl su Dressed.

enpened Buropean conference remains


‘The Daly Pres of the 8h aaa bas

the following

‘Tun votes in Savoy and Nice repaning ae- te to Panes Mood than "For soar

ie |, wan comm:

(one raed wove feng fn eit Sneed ren

ie that the

ing a. paragrap ‘of the Union Bank of Lon

he ascertained or given in an amount of| Jb magnitude. ‘The three last figures may safely be discarded. He would ine

| deed be a Prince of Swindlers who coud

accomplish such a coup. ‘The latest date from Singapore is the

taken thence to Hongkong by

the Ameian steamer Contest. ‘The mall ad not arveds erlore there ea ch between Aden and Singapore. The Mae lator wae to tring it fom Galle; she Ie aay om he 1h nd sow. Hier doe-iy 2 Singapore bythe Com- puny time table wan the Och, there- Eve the mal isnot mich behind tine, taking ote ascount the long. woyege fom ‘Aden far intenoediate ports and tro dhnges of sen mary, before aries irre "Tie Daily Pres of Sth given list of 28 mmet-atwartnnsporta, store sign, ds, that lef forthe North on the 8h a Qin, “The Chine Mail pies a list of 4203 merchant vevela sd steamers under HLM. Gaverament. So toon iat ‘corrected we wil

Qrromandel, Cruiser, Ninred, Weedevek, Grandda, and coop M.M. 8. ln Proh, Dragons, De Chayla, Forte, Hongkong, Loire, Mesr- the, Micraille, Prigest, Renomnée, Sabu,

mano ented" Eagtishta Sppens to ben eae, bane vr togallant a just at the was comsered to he in x0 touch danger from the eee appeared to be apport, thr United State ha treaty af fenduhip. with the Government, whilst the postion of the British and’ Brench entmot, by any logical construction, be viewed ether- than belligerent. Yet the forces re, atthe reqest ofthe Chinese Authorities, posed outside the city alls and Sn votious parte af the Seluement tn affrd protection and give ce} andthe Armrieans ined spectators. The Harford i No Nageskt soon alter the

will of course go to the Gulf of Pecheli to watch the proceedings of the Allies.

Ningpo Guild house wndler’ Capt. Bs & unrd of about 25 at. the North te, relieved daily, and 200 men within

the North ‘A party of Royal Marines pateol the Settlementiveessantly. ‘The Nimrod ile have rete to the harvourt

0 up the river

Sonenow.—It wns report-d on the even= fig ot tliat the rebel

alarmed hy the appreach sf force fom

twocenpied by sae bo of raat Siow Balt ot Waki "S

apy han Veen sent towards Soochow sith «promise of me cd A he col ng aay tebe proclamation i proof. At It

Vaitenay beteeen Seachow aed Keane’ the "people were forming themuves ato tain band for protection


against tr; any ot to tay, rebel (OF deserter, who might threaten them there were uo officiate

direct OF support th ret oF appe

old at the oops had tarned robes pas the deat tint on the 9h fnstant a ax woe hoated ta the wl of Senco arng om i the chaenters shun en ings at ‘obedience to Heaven. Aviteshonld doing Ond's wil [Ti fn argument ‘against the’ presence ofthe Nanking rebel whose badge would cer tainly have been Ta: Ping Ten Ki ‘The ether motto, of ove much reset ‘in. Kenna Tuna, dring 1849-00.) The peo to open the mtb us, the tex being entitled x Subserip- tion of the zenoua tothe Public Service, Great outrages were se te he also apon females, large numbers ‘thom bad drowned themelven, ‘Our correspondent denies that Change ‘ken. ‘The people, he writen, eli ota

‘he troubles


We have heard ese

the ity.

‘The people had Kept the gates fo ays, and opposed bis departure wi

‘obstinacy “that be hed actually to force

Wie way ons Hee evn ane 1a Tred onthe people! Our inforaton cours ses and third handy bat we {o‘not remember to ave heard the sme Jsnouse of above direct. againat any odvidal mandarin. Al agree that hi immediate degradation i inevitable. The Governor Si died in fashion Mauch sore scerding to Chinese propriety. ‘he febel, er deserters, hed spared ie ie, ore Gommitedsuilde, having Set armed bis momen, ‘Te atid of the people at T-ting ter pace is by actos taken to ine fieate a eympathy withthe rebel, not nressonale on hepato the peopl who ive in late events the most pain ov

to ean upon, rebels. ssc

The Eakrang peopl we see tobe “There have Deen several seizures of Tange aumbere

oot eid dea of their

fore than hall empty. Thove

‘thing to "lose have not for

{gotten the events of 1863.05, and refuse

to listen to the invitation of the author

1d pursue their avoe

‘The sudden appearance

font to Sunge

ing, some days ago, produced a good

deal of alarm amongst the inhabitants of

tat ity, a8 they do not seein to have

been apprised by their own authorities of

stealing goverument gunpowder, ‘that he hind Tong heen in the hubit of ape propriating it by order of certain gen Hlewan with a Cantonese name, for hun ‘of courte

A prock atthe ina

ie igead them sring th dlturavers ore the unaveldale sounequste of drvsken-

tnte of things dan here, ve maseutude of wut wen prepara. . has conferred full powers mt Ho in to pateh ap the quarrel with that the wor Naukiug could bave reached io tend

dicectly or indirectly, Ho to get the French and Evglish to march fon Sonchow,anduhat it was ith some sch ‘object that he pal Me. Bra He also visited the American

the week, though whe- his mediation regan International question of Engl

declared by the President of the United ‘States in his Tate mestage, to he all ied it shoull be. May it

tall an expedition 10 Soochow or anywhere a owt hae had ta charms for the means hers of the Shing nerves, scm th

innate of theie monotonous existence

‘atthe west Ty oesar thet nn ena sive would be th En as

threatened by

veh an

as friendly as ‘The question of foreign i

turbance, is alwaye delicate enough ; but,

in the present ease, it would have been)

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ety 4 eorerent fers

gover attacking. the people, and the people in


ited as ita by ie laches. Hd foreign troops appeared at Soochow inthe last ‘week of May, whom would the manda

isvecalied an them toatack? Tt might in this confet of interests fap

ls raunway tropa,

ton probably

at wo td

abt commited to

iis tery advisable portilty that, what sith their want Of eoufidence to We Tagive feared rine

the tate of unprepareden fo for approach in which, 4 yg rm

ighbourkood, we should have found the people we come in cullisons. Hyp we lave plenty of einployinent vd Of us, and until “Tacku is wccomplishe the Alliet will

aay nt lnponily Ve ve elject Sri eran be et Segond hat the proteion af

erat senders abtlutely one ‘any negolator could

ce that their fears will be felt in the degree at Peking.

Wa have Jon ad pot fsa our bands » tamphier by Mr. Ax Witony editor ot the China Mall Tie work is ented Englands liy in Chin. ‘phony of the rtr as Celamane of the ap Soul hve enol the erm ao temporary the Daily “Pr Mtounee Neforchand thatthe! view ae- fepted ty Mr, Wilaon of what To dvs tn vgland ond fons ogland thing eo she vi tha oan ni ve had Tanger oppartunt nthe quertion,and wll not by that thich wild for in {he ui of the

Int tell reason to Ching, and sh have obtained all that she has got sll that is good for her to h

fawn exper

Jhteen years sill eouvinee any om ‘hor chooses to Took it

it, would speedily hnve been taken "To say no more, the Five Forts, Toeen again Canton,

auag, Tomy would certainly snd Canton trade a8 cer

aly, again trade of the Cohong, ‘The peculiarity of Me. Wilson's weay of Tooling at things

le free

“When i hat been found,” says Me Wikon, that even dope san horses are hetier managed by a won of inte

with flemmess thaw by the pon ishment and violence which were fore ‘marly emplased, i ie not out of place point owt that ainilar ehnoge of treats ‘ent in regard to: China will most effete ally secure the demands of England om trent of both

Coitng rosoures to ats af nga alten oh fetal. might exily have. been st hot war, had wrest eas of te Sharacter heen evaideratinn, been som fr th zation od pion. Tr aherscent env of Dap the gore peo agate a9

proved how successful a ligy may be, even sith the most seelt-

nese, however,

well able to take’ their own part.

not so with the Chiviesey who al

fer the use of argun

‘other nations; aud. whose position ts by

petty Mei

N°. 516.—-Jext: 16, 1860.)

The Dorth- China Geral.

rion eae Ne te im wtimtaree Tein a nten ani Daley tn Guinn tr chergcrnectl amet! om at aubject. Where mich ignorance nore peutic prev i i euicent ier dalenge’ tones notin wre lees are conlemeed Tay rewariel shoal Ince ates in re Chin, We Ingire Move wiley, b thine more deeply and tnehersr more Cal te de heme to. Mr. “st challenge Ione Tn reloion to go hnpe

falter pote othe, and hws we duty

fever much we may dep bby a writer of hin ability, it ie to respect his fentlesners in ‘course undeniably unpopalar, us lie is moved to it hy to indice his eousteyien to enquire widely anal to think nore d fg the reat

Hement of cousse wnust Ie is only surprising that

‘often dropped (ur waut of » who woul take it in hand and put it

through, Te appears to. be now in 8 fair trains plans, -speciflenions, and teatimate of enst are mad

A Vetween n & Co, aud Boge & elected the ways and means sed, and the return forthe inves

strated 1 the sath ‘of sub


‘est Public Meeting wos eld

sterdayat the Library when w Conse fe wns appointed ts take the prlimic

ny steps coward

‘he enpital

sud fuenahing

ited by shares of £100 each

Iwtieve they are all tk

thee note, there are

to Tend the

We ‘shoal

ts meal fo tm hat Sy was oe tay ou 0 yar We re happy to ai atu ian were Ys” Wo bear boverer, £10,900 worth f sre have ben deny ‘Great ame stathed ore aan

| tee in July —Pas ms

chert yee see ara 3.8 Reh ws

iemiay destroyed, She had aus Gooone wean, Neshing han hee sree Wel tied of Boating

‘Thun Fangui areived in Howekong on the Oth inet, feom Glasgow Oth March, and Singapore 24 Jun

Sore Steamer

ie ins Waterford Meh Th

vate theeative ct be Pongal toon hard 100 I forthe


CHUSAN. (Fram the Daily pring § Conwercat News.)

Terenas per Tiina te

‘embarked ow Board the Pew wd Scents the |

ators “Arilery and hese, on bord th Atanas’ the UTA wore on tard the th Peale mover Revie law Wie

On sama

sede ovr tthe Cicose nator ware be ated om tha hy wn of th twa Silane whe aled tb riot "sbjete haw cep ‘euch he wae aul roe the ter wil be ito Siagepore for talus 19s

We have also the fo

sa th June sa Seekonk

the ect i

‘were embodied in a peti« which ts

ianer's Yorum ‘orderly astem- hlage. Much anxiety was expressed at ‘certain acts supposed to Tndiente that the policy by the Allies would Ie different from that pursed daring the former ne

for alan

ot proposed to interfere with

tulihinintration, After sone diac

the prineipal Petitioners and the

mers, the erased geatwally dine This

( teonpa in the island le Capitaine Dabry late of the stat

‘of General Montauban has bees 9p dim Member of the Allied Cominision,

—— st wad iy Miwtng a

fooien,donkles, and boobnon, were em (Stked ‘on oard "the fdneneey the Iaptriese end the bived sip Ale ‘Teo companies of the 00th ses Arve of the slg” Ship Barligton Sih coment 08 ea

ih Pan Innes, and 80 ef the Meese Netie Ariery, which wh

=| 300 wen ofthe Eucopenn corps aforesaid

will form the Garrison nom comma hhy Major Blamire, 99th Regiment. Capt 0ch, has been appointed Deigade Trign Holl of the same corpe-—veho will enter on the duties of his fetta the Garrison, to be given up as far as we! vei shortly.» The Marine Darrteks are. tobe put in repsite A Mounzine and ‘ress steveted on Joss bill, fof war surrendered by the Chi- fe heen removed to it. Four Canton Benves were beheaded on the norting of the 8th at the Nocth Cate, th in was attendad by several Military Officers.” Afler seven blow ine head ent severed from the body. The exee hie bloody task yelled wi The Teal pris a ve

cenge, andthe | bail

the doeto chet military

Mandarin, has given a dinner to some of| bis English (eens, The

sisted of twenty seven courses

tran champagne to the mast head.

iw tothe North

Mell, report

atrel, (com Chusan, dated 2

{Bik rts he enption of 9 compari le te | Nh wt he Sins ve trw ake lcs, ‘hat "tren sated tet a riewmrted tn tenn on, Srey hen tren aking tem tho Cutan i thoes tie Ty tne Pr Sera Bord,

"Ther were told however tha: | 2


scied with thin port and tot

Ir ia somewhat probiematioal how ak eames earth

‘Er, “Tingenrally saranda Heralds Tent othe

the pace T peat ‘The valee of chonped ‘hare (Carlaee or erdnand) in'naw boat 1650 "cath "Ta 1855 fe war to 170001800, ‘Av the preset te, Merican sed ebopped Sal Nie ares goal wala, or rary only «fea, ‘ow enh hus ently Sappeata from we ot abso year, Batlle payee on nh and

MEASURES AS WELL AS MEN. ‘Twene seems to be seme Hisibeed that | sanding agro Yo the tem of Saecbese ‘irmioghom wil at lant weabedsasey. The Fe emeds ing Yel ‘Foe syne of fane menace ad Beton Ine ‘Sit grownte sch an erew that he boon ees tte fit be ruins, wile the ditenrst een, eng food nt, st ton hank aviine of eerny abd neerahy of the vitae Tos Sitsehete theory hoe bier ber mvanee ede means pracie bas Ween perp men

iin fie ed nc ‘Nad lbeiat tveta fat Sn to de pation of the mont tara! sod benat hones from Singha, Manchester and Nodeebld

‘ella of the eutenee, ofthe eesne bey, Covi pit that Shela ‘be thrown to oe Seree. “Pie is teste cag te ‘ing eat the eteing matter, anda ttaptoscered the ogiy som Det t's beter

Sol tha so complete sud ihoragh fe Ws opto Seto wows tge thera Se se Soria tag ante porate Stop "aks ene eet the bo

"| ptt cesar att fly athe seal

‘and, before thee efes Is | sewed

‘hc exealpaery detoe, Aba some, adsontage Ta the

et ehh te ‘elon From the store of thd'eoes the wer

itt arenger hed thos the, porchany, aad oad memares sre ically fc the

Sip eC eeog the lee ed ve snd reueieexi, er

Sine hay shou be Joan toon they

shoal be at wh they ela to te ae

‘Sitnrsed sos ett ia brn se oar

Sat dain of cn government. "Te So coos


Gocoeh shat ieliaton a atau Sri atcecme soci bararinn Gloneh iron tein nad ong 6 eal Scieling baker by the en thie deren, Fie teil and ajun the cher sles

Ute anela the Was tie po we cree frnnst

les eveug The anenee tthe ec Br hat “srong wat te enopneahles and wert, ‘iste protien

Terie Othe petit

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